According to a Gallup study, about 11% of 18-19 years olds expect to retire before the age of 55. Surprisingly, this was higher than all other groups and other age groups were lower.  The article theorized that the young group hasn’t fully understood the implications and financial realities hence they can expect to retire early, where the older groups seem to have gotten to terms with it.

It doesn’t mean that FI is a distant dream, but it just points to the fact that it is not as easy as most people think it is. I am pursuant to FIRE. I started pursuing it in 2016 and intend to reach FI in one decade. This blog covers my journey to Financial Independence and invites you to join the same to attain it yourself.

This blog covers strategies and techniques generally divided into categories of:

  1. Minimizing taxes
  2. Maximizing Returns
  3. Minimizing costs/expenses