FIRE refers to Financial Independence and Retiring Early.

Financial independence refers to having enough money that you can stop working or money. It doesn’t mean that you cannot work but it means that you are no longer dependent on your job (of business) for your expenses. The money you have could be in form of passive income (Royalty, patents, Dividends) or savings or both.

Essentially, you achieve Financial Independence if you have enough money invested that provides a return that you don’t rely on a traditional income anymore. Most of the time, people that pursue and achieve Financial Independence have plans to pursue their passions and other things in life and tend to retire though sometimes, they continue work just to keep them engaged.


Why is FIRE important

The concept of FIRE breaks down into two separate and independent concepts. Financially Independent and Retire Early. Now, early retirement is a dream and a goal for a lot of people but that is more of an outcome or a benefit. It is the Financial Independence that is the critical concept.

We, as a country has done tremendous sacrifices to achieve independence from colonization. The concept is same, just at a personal level. There are several benefits of being Financially Independent such as:

You can actually enjoy your job. There’s nothing worse than going into work knowing that there is no escape. With FI, you can actually work on your terms or at least terms that are favorable.

You can follow your dreams. Most of us do a job that we never wanted to originally do. After all, who would dream of growing up to be a bank clerk or store manager. You can now follow your dream job, even if that doesn’t get you a living.

You can live at a place you want, not at the place your job is

Do volunteer work, charity work or if you feel like,


The guy next door
Dee is a technologist and a personal finance hobbyist. With over 15 years of experience in the financial domain, Dee started following the philosophy of FIRE since 2016 and is on track to reach the goal of FIRE in 10 years. He wants to teach you on how to achieve Financial Independence within a decade. All content on this site is an opinion and is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment or tax advice.  Seek a duly licensed professional for investment and tax-related advice

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